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In the six years since I struck out on my own, I’ve done what I was born to do: develop a team that helps people and organizations tell their stories in a compelling, strategic way. We’ve done this with energy and passion, challenging communications assumptions in this constantly evolving media and marketing landscape. And we’ve been honored to work with remarkable clients: multinational corporations; school districts in crisis; a renowned Napa Valley wine producer; the prolific founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving; Haiti’s first modern hospital; the largest research institute in the U.S. dedicated to women’s health. With each of these clients, success was defined differently, but there was one common thread: Our success in maximizing their “getting noticed” relied on a multi-pronged communications approach.

Whether it’s marketing copy or websites, social media strategies, videography, op-eds, government and stakeholder relations or thought leadership, all forms of communications tactics need to be planned, coordinated and seamlessly deployed in order to boost initiative credibility. Public relations – the service we’re most noted for – has become less of a destination and more of a journey.


Too often we’ve been brought in to bat cleanup after “premium” ad agencies, hired to take care of one piece of the communications puzzle, missed the bulls-eye. Our clients found many of these firms to be overpriced and we found that some bill interns at over $100 an hour and push important work down to the twenty-something associate. Too many consultants work on too many projects, and too many consultants work on your project, resulting in more hours billed and less efficiency. And then we’d walk in, fixers tasked with ‘selling’ an initiative or organization to receive credible earned-media exposure — but the house wasn’t ready for it.

We uniquely held the strategic minds and skills to put the communications puzzle pieces together, but our full capabilities were not hired early enough in the project to maximize success.


Like our clients, we cannot be satisfied with anything less than optimal outcomes. So, typical of the type-A personalities that we are, we forged the solution: our natural evolution, based on a client need and desire to outperform, has led us to a new name, a new brand, a new mission and an expanded team.

I’m thrilled to present you with our new brand, Premo Consultants. Our mission is simple: provide clients with an efficient and effective full-scale solution to PR and marketing. Premo, which translates to “press forward” in Latin, represents our roots which were founded in PR but evolved into full-scale marketing solutions that “press” our clients forward.


Over the course of nearly seven years, I’ve been building a team comprised of the best solopreneurs from New York to Pittsburgh. Premo’s senior consultants are here to help you redefine and strategically market your institution to reach a new phase of growth that meets tomorrow’s changing landscape. We’re creative strategists, expert communicators and connectors and adept managers – committed to challenging your organization to find its leading edge.

And we have a crystal clear brand promise: With Premo, you work with premium, high-level experts 100% of the time. No fluff. All substance. From one of the best writers in the U.S., whose award-winning work has been showcased worldwide, to a videographer who was a semi-finalist in a featured filmmaker contest ran by Steven Spielberg — we encourage you to get to know our team now.


In order to keep our brand promise, we must strategically align ourselves with clients who are invested in our solution. This bold, but strategic move ensures we are laser-focused on you. We’ve boiled down our core services based on what institutions, corporations and professional services firms need most:

Full-scale rebranding
marketing plan development
web development and digital marketing

public relations
crisis communications
Organizational strategy

If you often ask yourself what your organization look like in five years and are committed to looking within to create that future, call us or click the links above to learn more. The first step to effective marketing and communications is to understand if your strategy is positioned to meet tomorrow’s market demand. We provide process-driven strategic business development solutions that prepare your organization for effective rebranding, PR and public awareness.


Working in public service will always be a part of our DNA. As part of our new brand, we’re gifting $10,000 in in-kind communications services every year to a nonprofit that helps children. While we work all over the U.S., we’re sticking to our roots by supporting the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA. We believe in the power of mentoring to change lives, and we can’t wait to help this reputable nonprofit heighten its success.

Do you know a nonprofit deserving of a marketing facelift? Contact us soon, as we’ll be accepting nominations for 2020 this August.

Never before has society changed this rapidly. We’re here to help your organization adapt, so you can lead instead of getting left behind.

Press forward with Premo!

Joanna Doven

Founder, CEO

It's time to take action.