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Premo Consultants’ founding CEO Joanna Doven was recognized in two top-tier public relations trade publications for pioneering a different way to attract, retain and ensure a happy workforce. 

Doven recently announced that all full-time employees will now work four-day workweeks, after a successful test of the model last year. 

PRNews writer Nicole Schuman noted in her article titled, Keeping Women in the PR Workforce, that the evaporation of women from the workforce outpaced that of men by four times during the pandemic. The article cited that:

… 80 percent of those older than 20 who left the workforce in January 2021 were women. Reasons for that vary, but a major motivation is that women feel disproportionately affected by the pandemic and need more support at home and in the office. 

Schuman emphasized the importance of CEOs recognizing this increased stress on women, noting Doven’s model policy that helps working parents attain balance and avoid burnout.

According to CareerCast’s 2019 list of the most stressful jobs, PR executives are among the top 10. Doven noted in the article that industry burnout is increasing as the media environment changes at breakneck speed.

“The media continues to change,” Doven says. “Local media, especially, is changing so fast. The good reporters, in many cases, are gone. Relationships you could count on aren’t there as much. So, convincing reporters to cover a client is getting harder. Because of this, many PR professionals must become ‘jills of all trades’ and learn a variety of marketing skills…in order to leverage coveted earned media placement.” 

O’Dwyer’s, recognized for publishing the inside news of the PR and marketing communications industry, noted how the model improved Premo’s ability to recruit top talent after hiring Tom Hardy to lead its competitive grant-writing practice and  Stephanie McHale as web designer and developer.

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