Employees paid full-time salaries, given opportunities to live more balanced lives

Premo International Women's Day

(PITTSBURGH, PA) Mar. 8 Premo Consultants, a full-scale public relations and marketing agency announced today its remaking of the modern workweek to put the needs of women and families first. Premo’s full-time consultants will work Monday through Thursday, without any change to salaries or benefits.

“I founded Premo 9 years ago to both contribute my expertise on behalf of innovative companies and have the flexibility to do the most important job in the world – raise children,” said Premo’s founding CEO, Joanna Doven. “During the pandemic, my employees and I, all of whom are hard-working mothers, juggled clients while homeschooling during one of the most stressful times in modern history. We worked strategically and continued to exceed client expectations.”

 Now, as the world begins to normalize, Doven wants to give employees the opportunity to live more balanced lives. “Our test run of this model has shown an undeniable increase in productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, happiness among our employees.”  

The boutique agency with four full-time employees, recently hired a full-time web designer and developer, Stephanie McHale, increasing the firm’s full-scale capabilities to provide end-to-end marketing solutions to select clients. In addition, Doven, who worked at the helm of city government for eight years, added a government relations practice to Premo, after having recently advised Mayor Ed Gainey as a member of his inauguration committee. Tom Hardy, whose educational pedigree with master’s degrees in both urban planning and business comes with over 20 years of community-based planning and real estate development, will serve as strategic partner for the firm’s competitive grant writing practice.  

“We’ve always served as a strategic connector when clients needed to get noticed by the public sector,” said Doven. “Now, more than ever, I firmly believe that you cannot get clients to the finish line when the expertise needed is siloed and provided by different companies. Public relations, web, digital marketing and government consulting must all work together.”

“Anyone can apply for a grant – it’s the compelling story behind the project, the narrative and supporting information that makes all the difference. Combining my technical expertise with Premo’s connections and storytelling is a gamechanger,” said Hardy. 

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