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Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Strategy in 2017

In today’s world, social media is undeniably the most powerful resource for marketing and public relations. Your target audience most likely spends a significant time on social networks. Your dream customer could be scrolling down a Facebook feed at this moment. A...

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Handling a crisis

Tips to managing events that threaten your organization, even if they loom large Any organization, no matter its size, can encounter a problem that requires crisis management. A crisis is something that threatens or hurts people and property, with potential to damage...

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You’re on camera!

How to look and sound your best during a TV or smartphone interview A first-time interview with television camera rolling can be intimidating, with a harsh light warming your face and boom mic picking up every aside. You might try to recall interviews you’ve seen, and...

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Mastering a News Conference

Take advantage of the opportunity to get maximum exposure by calling reporters together. When your company or organization has something newsworthy to announce, a news conference can give you the exposure you need with the ease of telling everyone at once. Such events...

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Managing an Editorial Board Visit

Invited to speak with an editorial board? Follow these rules of thumb to avoid pitfalls: Many politicians, civic leaders, CEOs and others eagerly agree to meet with a newsroom editorial board and then wonder, “What have I walked into?” Often it’s a room with editors...

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