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Crisis Communications Thought Leadership Event

IS YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT PREPARED TO WITHSTAND A CRISIS?Premo Consultants are partnering with experts in the news media and legal counsel to provide an action-oriented workshop addressing the challenging new crises school districts and educational institutions are...

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On Social Media Day 2017, you simply must join us here

By Joanna Doven, CEO of Premo Consultants How can we build a Pittsburgh community that helps institutions, nonprofit leaders, corporations and entrepreneurs ignite their organizations? Answer: bring great minds together over libations, good bites and problem-solving...

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Shaping Governance Messaging that Builds Corporate Brand

By Andrew Blum and Robert E. Swadosh Remember the Emotional Drivers With the 2017 proxy season well underway, it's important to remember that what you convey about corporate governance impacts far more than investors alone. It also has the potential to leverage the...

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PR to Pique Investor Interest

Author: Charles Crane, Premo Consultants Senior Consultant You don't have to be a Wall Street wizard to understand that companies that make more money are worth more to their shareholders.  A company that earns a billion dollars is going to be more valuable than...

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