Premo Consultants is proud to provide you with these action-oriented workshop documents addressing the challenging new crises school districts and educational institutions are facing today.

Use the links below to download the documents for use within your own operations or to pass along to your team.

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School crisis


Download the Remaking Communications worksheet

Get caught up on what you need to understand before a crisis hits home. This worksheet addresses setting up communications expectations and planning your messaging.

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Crisis Communications Response Matrix™

Download the Crisis Communications Response Matrix

All crisies require a swift, strong response in order to protect a district’s reputation while keeping the public informed. This document will help guide you in a preparing your crisis communication’s plans for a myriad of scenerios. 

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Premo Predictive Interviewing Formula™

Download the Premo Predictive Interviewing Formula

Do you know how reporters ask interview questions? And more importantly, do you know how to craft your response in the right manner? Our Predictive Interviewing Formula will guide you through the proper steps to addressing and responding to the media inquiries the right way. 

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Get Prepared for the next crisis

Now more than ever school districts must be prepared for the inevitable. Premo provides thought leadership events and consults and assists with the topics most critical to our communities today. Contact us today to enhance your district’s protocols and prepare for your next crisis communications inititiave.