When a crisis like the Coronavirus pandemic strikes, it’s important for companies to find an experienced team of strategic marketers to help them be heard in a chaotic 24/7 media landscape. MHS Labs, a certified full – service clinical laboratory offering traditional, molecular, and genetic testing, approached Premo Consultants to help bring awareness to the new COVID-19 test that the company had developed. The company was prepared to announce that the test would soon be made available to the most vulnerable population – seniors living in long-term care facilities. This came at a time when testing availability was a growing issue.

Our team of experts quickly sprang to action, resulting in multiple news stories featuring MHS Labs and its new test. This was particularly important when one of the first senior care facilities to use the new test made headlines when more than a dozen residents tested positive for COVID-19. Premo also worked with our client to bring much-needed awareness to the shortage in testing supplies, and the resulting price gouging that medical facilities are falling victim to.

Associated Press 

Fears, infection think staff at nursing home with 2 deaths 

April 2, 2020

KDKA Radio

Shortage of Covid-10 Medical Supplies – Interview with MHS Labs CEO

March 31, 2020

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Beaver County nursing home battling major Covid-19 outbreak 

March 28, 2020



Coronavirus In Allegheny County: Monroeville Lab Develops 48-Hour Coronavirus Testing, Focuses on Seniors 

March 27, 2020

KDKA- YouTube

Monroeville Lab Develops COVID-19 Testing

March 27, 2020

Pittsburgh Business Times

Monroeville lab develops COVID-19 test, starts testing seniors

March 27, 2020


Monroeville lab looks to help fill gap in covid-19 testing

March 27, 2020

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