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Never before has society changed this rapidly. Your business must adapt or risk getting left behind. Premo’s senior consultants are here to help you redefine and strategically market your organization to reach a new phase of growth that meets tomorrow’s changing landscape. We’re creative strategists, expert communicators and connectors and adept managers – committed to challenging your organization to find its leading edge.


Premo’s consultants work with some of our nation’s most dynamic institutions, entrepreneurs and corporations: from those fighting the spread of the Zika Virus, to Napa Valley wine producers, the leading manufacturer of healthy snacks, urban and regional public school systems and even the founder of MADD – our jobs are never the same from day to day. Our clients are inspired by what they do every day, and our consultants exhibit that same energy and passion for the work we do on their behalf. How do we achieve success for clients and ourselves? Less meetings, more agile work. Less fluff, more substance. Our consultants are experts in industries that move deals forward: public relations, media relations, government relations and digital marketing.

Joanna Doven

Joanna Doven

Founder, CEO

Joanna Doven, one of the U.S.’s youngest big city mayoral press secretaries, led communications for the 2009 G-20 Economic Summit and in 2013 founded Premo Consultants. She has since helped some of the world’s largest companies and institutions obtain national media exposure, navigate crises and reinvent their brands. An energetic and dynamic leader, Joanna’s no-barriers approach in helping clients unearth opportunities through informing and leveraging deep governmental and media relationships has earned her company’s respect from renowned business and nonprofit leaders. Her firm has led strategic public relations campaigns for renowned stakeholders, executed significant full-scale rebranding efforts for financial service institutions, and aided in crisis communications planning for major institutions and corporations. Joanna is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where she guest lectures graduate students, guest talk show host on the world’s first radio station, KDKA. She recently launched “On Crisis”, a podcast that  features Doven talking with leaders whose experiences with crisis management run the gamut from skillful leadership that led to better brand recognition to those whose mistakes resulted in dire consequences for the brands they serve.

Tom Hardy Premo


Strategic Partner, Government Consulting

With master’s degrees in both urban and regional planning, Tom‘s educational pedigree comes with over 20 years of community-based planning and real estate development. Tom led public financing and various housing efforts at one of Pittsburgh’s top mixed-use development projects that turned a former brownfield into a lifestyle center. He has extensive experience and success locking in Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) and other grant programs and is an expert in structuring public and private financing, as well as working to reposition community-based real estate assets. 
Arie Plichta Reese


Vice President, Retail Communications

Aire started her career in the fashion industry at Chanel, continuing to broaden her knowledge of fabric and production when she joined the merchandising group at Macy’s in New York City. Returning to her hometown of Pittsburgh in 2009, she landed her dream job at ModCloth where she stayed for a decade working as their dedicated in-house PR lead. It was here where she mastered her craft and married her love of styling with retail PR. Working at ModCloth gave her a front-row seat into the world of start-ups and when the company was acquired by Walmart in 2017, she played a critical role in maintaining the brand’s beloved reputation, securing press coverage in major media outlets. She has experience navigating complex team structures, working across many time zones, and doing it all with a positive attitude.

Stephanie Mchale


Vice President, Content Marketing and Web Development

Connecting businesses to their target audiences through imaginative storytelling and eye-catching design, Stephanie brings her unique skill set to every client engagement. Partnering with corporations and institutions in a broad spectrum of industries, Stephanie supplies attention-grabbing print and digital content that never misses its mark. Her years of professional marketing experience are rooted in a Public and Professional Writing degree from the University of Pittsburgh, where she graduated in the top 2% of her class and earned the distinction of University Scholar.

Rob Swadosh


Vice President, Corporate and Crisis Communications

Communications strategist and trusted advisor to C-suite executives, boards, and corporate communications and marketing leaders. Provide research-based counsel and implement initiatives that enhance corporate brand and reputation, heightens consumer awareness, bolsters change, minimizes impact of unexpected developments, and enhances valuation. Contributed to iconic corporate brand transformations at Allstate, Anadarko Petroleum, IBM Services, Johns Manville Corporation, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).Pioneered development of Account Planning research techniques used to assess corporate and product brand strength in financial markets.
Michael Savisky

Michael Savisky

Strategic Partner, Videography

Michael is a Pittsburgh-based entrepreneur, filmmaker, and musician. He’s spent the past 13 years helping local and global clients tell the human side of their stories and connect with audiences. His film production company, Make Roots, was founded in 2013 after Michael left the agency world with doubts about how well enormous teams of people were actually helping the businesses that crossed their paths. Michael is Premo’s preferred videographer and collaborates on several projects with corporations, school districts and energy companies on Premo’s behalf.
Jordan Pallitto

Jordan Pallitto

Strategic Partner, Organizational Strategy

As vice president with The Hill Group, Jordan specializes in strategy development and business planning across sectors. He serves as a strategic partner with Premo Consultants, collaborating as needed to guide clients through pre-branding exercises including strategic planning and SWOT analysis. Jordan has led strategic planning and implementation for a diverse set of corporate, government, and nonprofit clients across the country, including many education, financial and energy institutions.

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