Crisis Communications Expert and former Mayoral Press Secretary, Joanna Doven joins Larry and Kevin to discuss the cost of sugarcoating the impact of Covid-19. One of her clients, MHS Labs, has the ability to test 1,000 people per day, however, they are unable to find enough swabs.

“The truth is that we know it’s spreading, but we can’t test,” says Doven. “The message should not be please stay home or you should stay home, it should be you must stay home.”

Doven says during this time of crisis people need very clear direction. “Right now in the entire United States, we have 160,000 ventilators. It’s estimated we will need 1,000,000.”

Doven says we can build this equipment but we need our leaders to give us the clarion calls “This is going to be western Pennsylvania making its own equipment to save lives here.”

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COVID-19 pandemic crisis interview