Nonprofit Rebrand Case Study


After providing the members of the community with a safe haven and 24/7 domestic abuse support for nearly 40 years, the leadership of CAPSEA – a small nonprofit organization located in rural Elk County – decided to embark on an exhaustive, multi-year strategic planning process to help them expand services, raise awareness within the community, and to secure additional funding that would allow them to help more survivors.

Viewed by many in the community as only a domestic violence shelter, Premo Consultants was brought in to help CAPSEA raise awareness for the wide array of diverse services that they offer, which included things like medical and legal support, counseling, support groups, mandated reporter training, and community educational programs.

The project scope included a full rebrand, website redesign, content strategy, media and community outreach, fundraising campaign, and social media strategy


With little to no previous marketing support, the nonprofit had an outdated website with minimal content and a confusing user experience. The few marketing materials that existed had outdated content and a very basic design. The existing social media accounts were either inactive or focused on organizational announcements and little more. Premo needed to work with the very busy CAPSEA team to gather the necessary information on the organization, its history, and its plans for the future to draft materials that reflected the new brand but stayed true to who CAPSEA was as an organization. 


New Logo and Graphic Design Theme

Since CAPSEA was already a well-known community institution, we wanted to achieve a brand refresh that showed CAPSEA was stepping into a new chapter, but also reflected the identity they have established over the last 40 years. We also wanted to incorporate the purple and teal color scheme that represented domestic violence and sexual assault awareness, but in a manner that was softer, more tranquil, and more modern.

Nonprofit Website Logo Rebrand Pennsylvania
Nonprofit Website Logo Redesign After

Marketing Materials

The Premo team worked closely with CAPSEA’s staff to write new concise and impactful content and to create influential leave behind materials for key referral agencies. 

Content Creation

With limited access to marketing support prior to the hiring of Premo, CAPSEA had very little to no content created to describe and promote their services. Premo’s team of talented writers got to work researching and interviewing staff members and volunteers to learn more about the organization and the many ways it was supporting survivors of domestic abuse and violent crimes. We started from the ground up – identifying in great detail what content was needed, how it should be organized, who would be the best resource to interview, how the content could be used, and more.

Protection From Abuse (PFA) Educational Resource Page

Donor Spotlight

Service Summaries

A User-Friendly, Modernized Website

The new website included an updated site structure, a new design theme, fresh content, and improved contact forms to improve communications with the CAPSEA team. The new website prioritized the key purposes for the website: to tell CAPSEA’s story, to connect victims with resources quickly, to communicate the diverse services that CAPSEA offers, and to encourage volunteer involvement and donations. 

Social Media Plan and Implementation

Premo drafted and executed a full social media plan that included regular posting, increasing followers, and strategic engagement. Content ranged from motivational quotes, to donation thank yous, to CAPSEA service and impact statistics, and educational information to help raise awareness for domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.

Social media gives CAPSEA a chance to have more of a personality, which is critical for a trusted victim services agency. It allows CAPSEA to establish a stronger connection with the communities and the residents that it serves.  

Public Relations Support

The Premo team of PR experts worked with CAPSEA leadership to draft a press release announcing CAPSEA’s new rebrand, as well as its historic increase in demand for its services during the COVID-19 crisis, and its request for support from the community to recoup lost donations as a result of canceled fundraising events during the pandemic. A targeted media list and impactful pitch led to coverage in multiple print publications throughout Elk and Cameron Counties, as well as radio stations. Premo is continuing to support CAPSEA’s PR efforts and recently scheduled a call with the Wall Street Journal to discuss domestic abuse trends during the pandemic.

CAPSEA Calls for Aid as Domestic Violence Increases

CAPSEA Calls on Community to Meet ‘Soaring’ Demand in Domestic Violence Services 

CAPSEA Announces Bold Efforts To “Double Down” On Community Outreach


After the initial campaign, CAPSEA reported an increase in calls from victims in need of support, as well as improved community awareness and support. Donations increased, and grant applications were strengthened by the impact statistics and a clearer understanding of the organization’s focus, purpose, and community contributions provided by the rebranding process. Because of this positive momentum, the leadership team of CAPSEA decided to engage Premo for continued marketing and social media support at the end of the initial engagement.

“The women of Premo Consultants did an amazing job! I was blown away by what they were able to accomplish. They delivered above and beyond our highest expectations. They really took the time to listen to our team and to understand what the organization needed and, more importantly, what the abuse and crime victims we support needed.
Having the messaging and supporting data to succinctly explain what diverse services we provide, who we serve, how we have an impact on our community, and why donors should support CAPSEA has had a profound impact on our fundraising and community outreach efforts. The impact of their work continues to grow and we are so grateful for all they have done for our organization.”
Billie Jo Weyant
Executive Director, CAPSEA, Inc.

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